Posted by: xinyongtianhua | November 16, 2013

Four Seasons Captured with a Smartphone


Capturing beauty of nature doesn’t always require a heavy and expensive  high-end camera. That’s my belief, and also an experiment that I underwent in the last year.

Every weekday (except of Friday) morning, I had about 40 minutes of walk from my home to my office in the University of Nottingham. The majority route passes through the beautiful University Park including a small lake. Since last August, I’ve tried to take at least one picture shot every morning on the way without using any “good” camera but only my mobile phone, a little Samsung Galaxy S2. I would like to see how I could achieve during this fixed and limited time slot and route.

Four seasons have passed now. I’m quite happy with the outcome, which can be seen from   a set of photos that I’ve selected and uploaded to my skyDrive albums. Because of the fixed route, most photos were taken in the University Park with many showing the same spots but varied appearance following evolution of four seasons. I know that I can’t expect too much in photographic quality from a little smartphone camera, but it doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the beauty of life as long as I pay enough attention to observe it, with my eyes and, more importantly, with my heart.


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