Posted by: xinyongtianhua | November 24, 2010

Shall I move, shall I stay?

Red and blue house numbers in Prague“Can’t open your blog!” our friends and relatives in China complained recently.

Because of Windows Live Space’s shut down, I reluctantly moved our blog to just two months ago. I was pleased that it didn’t take long for me to get used to it. In fact, it’s quite easy to handle, with some fantastic features in addition to a connection with MSN to publicize new posts. Even surprising in the first few days was to hear from our friends in China saying that they had no problem to visit our new “home”, as  I understood that the site had been blocked there.

Unfortunately, “happy hour” didn’t last very long.

So bad, so sad. So, we might need to move again, to Sina or Sohu, as I’m persuaded.

However, it seems a little bit strange and unpleasant to move to somewhere, where our present “home address” is not welcome! I’m really not sure whether we should move or should stay.

Fortunately, visitors in China can still access our “home” by using a proxy address Actually, I’ve just learned that this suffix “” can be used to access any webpages blocked by local internet authorities. Very useful!

Therefore, we may still stay here on for a while in hope that one day, all blocks in China will be removed for good. Surely that day is not far away.



  1. is a useful tool to check accessibility of a website from 50 locations all over the word.

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