Posted by: xinyongtianhua | July 23, 2008

克莱齐噩梦 Nightmare of Crich


Haven’t updated our Windows Live Spaces for quite a while. This might be due to the horrible falling-down in the Crich Tower, which crunched our interest in web updating. That was earlier this year, in February, the Sunday just after the Chinese New Year. We found a very nice day after getting up and decided to go out for a short excursion. In a photographic book about the Peak District, we found out a small village, called Crich, not far from where we live (just a little bit more than 30 km). There is an old beacon tower on the hill behind the village, which is now a memorial of the Sherwoods Foresters (a local milletary regiment). We got there in no more than an hour after breakfast. Climbing up to the top of the tower with great excitement following 52 steps of a spiral stone stair, we had a nice view of all hills and valleys of the surrounding areas. Took some photos of course. When Tianhua went down to the ground, Xinyong was still taking his last few photos. He was simply concentrated in his photo taking and not aware that he had moved to the edge of the stair. Suddenly, a careless one step backwards lead an unprepared falling back. Fortunately, a small landing stage after about seven or eight steps stopped further rolling down and avoided a fatal accident. Severe back muscle injury was of course unavoidable, which resulted in more than three months of backache. We always felt a bit horrified each time when we remember that incident. Anyway, it provides us a good lesson so that we know how to pay more attention to a similar situation in the future. Hope that all our friends and relatives also learn something from this incident. After five months, we finally selected a few photos taken at Crich uploaded to an album to remember that horrible day.



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